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About Genesis Master Barbers - Kevin Jackson Sr. Founder and CEO

Kevin Jackson, Sr. – Founder and CEO

Kevin Jackson Sr. has made his mark in the Hair Industry as a Master Barber and Platform Artist for 20 years. He founded Genesis Master Barbers LLC., and now owns two Barber Shops.

Clipper Control

Kevin’s specialty is “clipper control”.  He provides a variety of styles for men and women and holds on to Integrity and Self-Empowerment in the hair industry.  Appointments are available.

About Us

Hair Care Products

In 2016, Kevin launched his own line of hair care products.  Genair’ Hair Care Products, which is proven to be beneficial for dry and brittle hair due to lack of hydration of the hair and scalp. It prevents the hair from moisture loss and promotes a vigorous shine.  Shop now.

Genesis Magazine

In 2016, Genesis Master Barbers also launched Genesis Magazine to share the success of budding entrepreneurs that are looking to market their business.  The print magazine also offers a variety of articles of interest to the general public and local community.

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