Paul Phroze Munson

From Pampers to Poetry

Paul Munson is an accomplished author, poet, spoken word artist, and entrepreneur. From an early age, he listened to his mother recite poetry.  He developed a strong passion for writing.  He penned his very first work when he was in the fifth grade and still has those poetry writings today.  Munson, also known as Phroze, graduated from O.D. Wyatt High School and went on to attend Texas Southern University.

Paul Phroze Munson

Paul Phroze Munson

Phroze started writing professionally in 1996.  Shortly after that he was introduced to open mics.  He attended as many as possible.  Over the next several years, Phroze hosted several  talent shows and was a guest speaker at various venues and schools.

Phroze recorded three albums from 2000-2007.  He also created personalized greeting cards and framed poetry businesses.



“When no one else wants to hear me, the paper always listens.” – Paul Phroze Munson

From Pen to Paper

Writing remains Paul’s main outlet of expression.  He recently published his first book, “The G.A.P. (The Gospel According to Paul)” and is currently working on the book’s audio version.  The G.A.P. is available on Amazon, at The Dock Book Shop or through his company.

Many more books are on the horizon for Munson.  He is already working on his second book and still performs on Tuesdays at The Dock Book Shop in Fort Worth, Texas.

Paul Phroze Munson

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Facebook: Paul Phroze Munson

Instagram: @phrozethegreat

Phone: 817-323-4344

This article originally appeared in Genesis Magazine Volume 4.